A Spoonful of Salt

A Spoonful of Salt
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Art or Junk?

You think those are butterflies? Look closer.

"The Holy Virgin Mary" Chris Ofili (1996)

Here is another example of why you should NOT act on every idea that pops into your head. Nobody wants to see you naked in the name of art, lady! P.S. Okay, I admit, you have a decent body, but your tramp stamp is not pretty...yet it is the only thing artistic about your photo.

It has been my experience as an observer that artists tend to think every idea they have is brilliant, magical and will have a huge impact on every person who views their artwork. In reality, their work is typically is only brilliant, magical to the artist and only understood by the artist themselves.

For example, Janine Antoni's "Gnaw" (1992). She thinks it is so cool to use her body in her artwork. In the past, she has dipped her hair in paint and painted a canvas on the floor by flinging her hair around, had herself dipped into a pool of lard, made soap and chocolate moldings of her face, etc. In "Gnaw", she used the act of chewing and spitting lard (yes, I said LARD!) and chocolate into buckets and had them molded into 600lb blocks. Then, she took bites out of the blocks and had lipstick and a box for chocolates (empty of chocolates but made of chocolate) made with that saliva/lard or saliva/chocolate mixture of those bites. BRAVO! What an incredible concept! Lets give this woman some awards to legitimize this foolishness!

Actually, shame on her for wasting all that food. There are still starving kids in (insert any third world country here), you know!

I don't know, maybe I just don't GET modern art. But I think a prerequisite to being an artist must be to have a drug problem and/or a mental illness of some sort and/or to be totally self-absorbed...like this guy, or this guy, or even this guy.

None of these people are sane. So, why do we as a society look at their work in awe and think they are masterpieces? These are just crazy/self-loving people with too much time on their hands than make crazy art with cryptic meanings. Or maybe I am the crazy one for taking my time to write about them...hmm.

Speaking of crazy, I recently read this article and really got a kick out of it. One in three Art students can't tell famous paintings from paintings by monkeys. And these are future artists. Enough said!

Happy Monday!



  1. Um. I don't consider this art myself. Some people have too much time on their hands!!!

  2. Hoo, boy! LOL! I hope your Uncle Mark, the artist, doesn't read this. These examples you've given of crazy artists are true...actually, whether it's art, or science, or acting, or almost any form of intellectual, creative or mental excellence, there's often a very fine line between genius and crazy. Think Van Gogh, who chopped off his own ear and committed suicide. He died penniless, having only sold one painting in his entire life. Or John Nash, the mathematical genius whose story is loosely told in 'A Beautiful Mind', or even Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. There are countless other examples as well. We mere mortals just don't understand them, and indeed, I think it's their "insanity" that makes them capable of such great things. So, as long as one of them isn't asking me to borrow money all the time, I try and cut them some slack and appreciate and try to understand the way they view the world. That said, I heartily dislike modern art as well. I just don't get it. :-)~AJ