A Spoonful of Salt

A Spoonful of Salt
Please take everything you read with a grain of salt. But for this blog, please take it with a spoonful.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

No More Christmas!

What a great christmas...one of the best i have had anyway!
Drew had art made for me using two of our wedding pictures...Very sweet....

Drew and i went over to my sister's house. That seems to have become the family gathering place lately. Maybe b/c it is centrally located or maybe b/c i only have a 600 sqaure foot apartment. haha....The girls made out like bandits! They got educational toys like laptops that teach you your ABC's and foreign languages, fake makeup and clothes. That should keep them busy for another year. But the most awesome gift of all had to be the Hannah Montana wig that my brother got Natalie. Well, you know, I just think she is the cutest thing ever already, but with the wig on, she is super star! :) I keep telling Rachel she needs to get her into an acting program or something. I really think she would do well. She even has the "star" smile! :)

On Christmas Eve, we went to Drew's mom's house. We played the usual White Elephant game. I was smart and bought a nice candle set. I was one of the first people to choose a gift, so naturally I chose my own :) Drew got stuck with an ugly green throw blanket...hehe

It was just a great time all around....We still have one more Christmas to "do" at Drew's dad's house on the 29th. After that, no more christmas...til next year, that is!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. McCauley!

For those of you who havent heard or didnt attend, no one said "I object." So, it is official- I am now Mrs. Rebekah McCauley as of December 1st! :)

It was a great wedding...and I'm not only saying that b/c it was mine...it really was quite nice. But i did have a lot of help from the ladies at the church. 1.I am not a decorator and 2.I had no idea how to plan a wedding! But amazingly, nothing went too terribly wrong. Afew people were late by about 5 hours and there were some tacky things written on our get-away car but all in all, things were awesome! I married the love of my life- who cried, by the way :) It was very sweet.

By the way, Merry Christmas...or Happy Hannukah or Happy Kwanza!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In Sickness and in Health

I like to kick off flu season every year by actually getting the flu. Its amazing...the chills and cold sweats the body aches- I love it! Umm....yeah right! I did however get a nasty case of the flu blues (more like a sinus infection/ head cold) earlier this week and am still fighting it. As if Mondays weren't bad, right? A Monday with the flu is definitely 10 times worse.
It did have its positives though- A. I was able to finish my book (which is very exciting b/c I am looking forward to starting my new one) and B. I got to spend a lot of "quality" time with Drew. He made me spaghetti :) Ladies, make sure before you marry someone you know that he will take care of you when you cant take care of yourself..."In sickness and in health." Let it marinate (haha)...

...Oh, and C. A 3 day weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Start Here

My name is Rebekah. I live in Lewisville, TX (Dallas/ Ft. Worth area). I am engaged to be married to the most wonderful person in the world! Drew and I have been together for 2 years and we are sealing the deal on May 4, 2008. :)
Im no good at these kinds of things. I dont like to talk about myself much (im sure my family would disagree! haha). That's kind of why i am starting this blog. I want family and friends (and strangers too!) to be able to come here and see what is going on in my life and to kind of share my thoughts on things that probably wouldn't come up in normal conversation.
More things about me....I love my family, friends, God, my fiance, speeding, fried foods, kitty cats, shoes, candles, an interesting thought, to learn about different religions, traveling, swimming, scrapbooking and comfy pajamas. I DONT love my job, being alone for more than a few hours, talking on the phone, smelling like food i have just cooked, people that talk/walk slow, waking up early, traffic, yelling, tight clothes, and rain.
I sure there is much more, but again, i am no good at this kind of stuff. Hopefully, with practice, i will get better :)

Thanks for reading!