A Spoonful of Salt

A Spoonful of Salt
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Is the Cat's Pajamas!

(My kitties, Charlie and Girlfrand)

Read story here----> Cat Called To Jury Duty

Frankly, I am impressed that the government was able to get a cat to respond to any call. They usually just stare at you blankly. Nonetheless, below are six reasons I think cats serving on a jury is a brilliant idea. Fist pumps for Boston for such creative thinking!

1. They are probably smarter than 70% of the general population- which says a lot. I would be honored to have cats decide my fate.

2. Its about time cats start earnin' their keep! Cat food is expensive.

3. No breaks needed for restroom visits. They just poo in a box.

4. More cost effective for taxpayers. You don't have to pay animals. The government would save $6 per cat juror, per day.

5. They wouldn't waste time by asking dumb questions like humans b/c they are all very aware that "curiosity killed the cat!"

6. They won't try to get out of jury duty b/c most would just be happy to get out of the house.

There ya go- Six really good reasons cats would be puuuurfect for jury service!

P.S. I plan on using at least one of these phrases per day for the next several days. My co-workers will be delighted, I'm sure! :)


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