A Spoonful of Salt

A Spoonful of Salt
Please take everything you read with a grain of salt. But for this blog, please take it with a spoonful.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Cream and Two Sweet-N-BladderTumors

I am so sorry to my devoted fan(s) for not blogging lately. They have forbidden us to do anything at work except work (boooo!). So, that means no blogging for me except at home in my free. The problem is, I have NO free time. I have been busy with school. I am trying my best to finish my Associates Degree by next Summer, so I am having to work hard to accomplish that. Besides that, we are preparing to move in August. Anyway, enough about me...almost :)

I saw this article online yesterday and thought I should share. I have recently become a big fan of sweet-n-low, so I am sad that I have to give it up. Better safe than sorry though! I was surprised to learn about a few of the other foods that I enjoy, as well. Again, I say to you, please be aware of what you are putting in and on your bodies. Don't rely on the FDA or any other governmental agency to look out for your best interest. They all have their own agendas besides their intended purposes.

Have a great weekend!


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