A Spoonful of Salt

A Spoonful of Salt
Please take everything you read with a grain of salt. But for this blog, please take it with a spoonful.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dallas Farmer's Market

Sunday was a great day! Drew FINALLY (j/k baby!) took me to the Dallas Farmer's Market. It was really cool. But some of the vendors seemed more like used car salesmen rather than farmers. Some were a little pushy and in your face. But it was all good! Drew at one point said, "If all fruit tasted this good, I would actually be willing to eat it!" I said, "It does, silly!" haha Anyway, we had a good time sampling all the fruit and finding the best price on baby red potatoes (I dont know what they are called)...Pretty much everthing was priced the same at each stand so it was pointless. I was really just trying to find the biggest ones. :)
Man, all this talk of food is making me hungry!!! Im off to lunch...
Just one more thing before I go... Tomorrow is Professional Administrative Assistant's Day (say that ten times fast!) So, to all of you Professional Administrative Assistants out there, I hope your boss appreciates you and gets you something nice (I get a half day off and flowers :)). Happy PAA Day!


  1. Happy PAA day to you too! I hope I get something nice. :)

  2. Yeah, there are some pushy vendors at the San Juan market, too. But it's not as CLEAN as the Dallas Farmers' Market looks! Must be a neat place to go!

  3. Rebekah-
    I just learned about your blog today.....AND I just heard that my husband will be getting an offer for a great job in Dallas....so that means I'll be moving to your area this summer. I have heard marvelous things about the Dallas Farmers Market.

    Good job with your new challenge! I am inspired. You and your hubby are cute newlyweds :) Congrats.